About Me

Howdy, my name is Kyle. I am a 27-year-old male who aspires to write. I currently write for Honey’s Anime. I also formerly wrote for Daily Dead. My interests include sports, video games, horror, wrestling, music and anime.

I run and operate my own internet music radio station, known as Powersurge.fm .

I also work on a sports management indie game known as Franchise Hockey Manager . I am a multiple-league researcher and have done some text for that game.

On top of all that I stream video games two or three times a week on twitch.tv.

I opened up this blog in May of 2011 in hopes to continue and improve my writing. Unlike a lot of blogs out there, this will not have anything to do with my personal life.

What to expect on this blog?

I’ll be writing reviews & impressions of video games, films, music albums and many other attractions that relate to my interests. If you’re a fan of anything mentioned above don’t hesitate to voice your opinion! Please keep the comments constructive and positive.


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