Review Criteria


I wanted to keep it basic enough so that the readers can decide for themselves if it’s worth viewing or not.

Simplicity is what I’m aiming for when it comes to rating films. My reviews fall into three different categories; Highly recommended, Average and Not recommended.

For people who really want to look deeper into my ratings, here is a guide to look at.

– Highly recommended: ranges between 7-10

– Average: ranges between 4-6

– Not recommended: ranges between 0-3


What I envisioned with my music reviews were to become a little more original. Instead of giving it a letter grade or rating it out of 10, I choose to give it a percentage out of 100 based on the album track listing.

I generally find myself not liking every song on an album. This percentage plays out to a truly unique way of looking at music reviews. When I add music to my iPod I look for songs that I see myself frequently listening to, thus becoming songs that I really like.

Now with that being said, I thought it would be a fantastic idea to bring that mindset to my music reviews. I feel it brings a fair rating to the albums, as in my opinion albums should be rated as a whole and not by one stand out song.

Video Games

For video games I like to establish a base for my ratings. I feel a chart that depicts the pros and cons of the games I review will give me solid foundation to work with.

For the rating system itself, I chose to rate the games out of 10. It would be extremely rare for me to rate a game a perfect 10. With that being said, games that I thoroughly enjoyed could see a rating of 9.7.

Just like you wouldn’t expect to see a perfect 10, a 0 is just as rare, if not more so. Most games that I didn’t like whatsoever would get nothing lower than a 1. This variety will help my ratings system for video games greatly.


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